YieldMobile stands for innovative advertising of online brands on mobile web and in-app traffic. By using long-term cooperations with leading app developers and strategic partnerships with website operators we created an advertising solution, which fits seamless and content-based in the concept of a webpage or a mobile app. With exclusive placements on mobile inventory and customized designs YieldMobile generates global reach.

Why YieldMobile? In the recent years, we experienced a growing demand for mobile traffic. Our advertisers requested more web traffic from mobile devices or even came up with new apps, that they wanted to get awareness for. On the other hand, our publishers gained more and more mobile visitors on their websites which made them struggle with their current desktop-focused monetization solutions. We knew – we can make that happen and deliver what our clients ask for: More mobile distribution and app installs for our advertisers as well as a new innovative monetization solution for the mobile visitors of our publishers’ websites. Cleary a win-win solution for everyone. So, we took our time and build the technical infrastructure to make it happen. Our publishers can now integrate a tool to advertise content-related apps within their content. Let’s look at an example: One of our lifestyle publishers wrote an article about how to find the best hotels and linked a hotel platform app – a great content-advertiser match. Once the user decided to download the app, the publisher generates a fixed payout per install. This way, mobile users will be monetized without annoying them with intrusive banners and pop-ups.

On the other side advertisers participate from long-term SEO-effects which significantly increase organic reach and also generate a long-term revenue stream for both the advertiser and the publisher.


YieldMobile Example


Next to our mobile content strategies, we also managed to partner with one of the leading mobile carriers which enables us to provide our clients with a unique placement. It combines global measurable reach with a strong brand awareness effect.

Due to our machine learning technology, advertisers are able to run their ROI-focused campaigns on premium content mobile sources that can even pass impressions and offer 100% transparency. Publishers on the other hand benefit from the strong content-advertiser-match and the ad format, which fits seamless into the editorial content.

Get in touch via email or call us if you want to set up a YieldMobile campaign or if you have any questions about other possibilities.