Two phenomena are changing the focus in the affiliate marketing industry in 2020 and coming years. One noticeable move in the industry, not only since today but for a while now, is that internet users switch more and more from desktop to mobile devices – and new generations go straight to mobile. But not only users are changing their habits, the industry itself is changing too. Performance marketing and branding are moving closer together, so that users and the latter are both bringing the focus in the affiliate marketing industry towards mobile advertising.

Advertising on mobile devices is rising at a steady rate, in 2017 mobile advertising spend was only half of what is predicted for 2020. With around 225 billion US$ it rose by roughly 30% each year since 2018 and will only slow down to a rate just below 10% by 2023.

The worldwide mobile advertising market share was 19% in 2017 and is now at 31%. Taking market shares from desktop (-4%), TV (-3%) and magazines & newspapers (-3%) advertising.

Advertisers become more and more sophisticated, which means that we at YIELDKIT are evolving our products and solutions as well. While we started offering mobile campaigns last year already, we now added another advertising solution to our portfolio.

While the consent is that the majority of mobile app purchasers are in their 20s – 30s, it is noticeable that the number of users in their 40s is increasing and mobile purchases alongside it, reinforcing the movement toward the app environment. With a wide range of advertisers at our hand YIELDKIT can therefore support and plan individual campaigns to reach potential customers effectively and offer new ways of customer acquisition when budgets shift to mobile advertising.

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